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Whether you are looking to sell your home through a Loss Mitigation solution, or as a resale, the RES.NET Homeowner Portal makes it easy to list your home. Connect with agents to list your property, expose your listing and let buyers find your home on the RES.NET Buyer Portal and securely manage your real estate transaction from beginning to end. Register today to sell your home now.


Register today and join our community of real estate professionals. By doing so, your profile will become part of our agent database. Not only will you be able to post listings and interact with potential buyers, but when prospective sellers are looking for an experienced listing agent, they'll have exposure to your services.


Welcome to the RES.NET Homeowner Portal, a leading site for Loss Mitigation solutions, and resale properties. This site provides features for homeowners to search for agents who can assist in the sale of their home, in addition to providing a management system which gives all parties involved the ability to monitor the progress of the sale process.

Simple steps to complete a home sale

RES.NET is here to help you with the sale of your home, whether it is going through a Loss Mitigation solution, or you need to re-sell your home.

After registering for the RES.NET Homeowner Portal, we will guide you through the steps of selling your home.

Step 1:
Register for the Homeowner Portal

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Step 2:
Connect to an Agent

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Step 3:
Complete all Tasks assigned to you

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Step 4:
Enjoy the sale of your home

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